Saint Louis All Dogs is a STL area dog walking CLUB.

FYI: Saint Louis All Dogs is not affilated with entities in the Directory (records) or Notices (upcoming dog activities). The records and notices are offered as a public service for STL area dog owners. Our club offers no endorsement of their products, services or view points.

Please familiarize yourself about us before asking to join.

Our membership request form includes a registration code field which prevents spam accounts.

Request a registration CODE by sending an email to

-- in the subject field, type JOIN STLAD.

-- in the message field, type 'I want to join STLAD. Include your real full name and what Saint Louis area city you live in.

After you receive a code, return to this page and fill out the form. Do so promptly as the code expires.


-- Click the grey 'Register now' button below. It opens a form. Fill it out and then click 'Submit form'.
-- Requests for Membership are reviewed by a moderator approximately every 12 to 24 hours. If you are accepted, you will receive additional email instructions from Saint Louis All Dogs. Thanks :-)


Saint Louis All Dogs keeps private information private and does not willingly share or sell personal information that appears on vaccination documents, such as home or email addresses, or phone numbers.