Raw Bar Buffet @ FMP-East

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Event Sponsor: 
Four Muddy Paws
Sat Oct, 21 2017 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Four Muddy Paws - East
2127 South Route 157
62025 Edwardsville , IL

10:00am to 2:00pm. Are you raw curious? Maybe you’ve heard about feeding your pet a raw diet but you’re not sure how to get started? What’s the difference between all of the brands and proteins they carry (over 10 brands!) ?
Or, perhaps you’re not familiar with the benefits of feeding a fresh raw food diet?
Here’s just a few of them:
– Live enzymes your pet’s body can use
– Less toxins and preservatives
– Strengthens your pet’s immune system
– Provides proper hydration (especially important for cats!)
– Easier to digest (smaller poops! yea!)
– Maintains healthy teeth and a shinier, healthier skin & coat
– Maintains a healthy digestive tract and aids in weight control
– Increased mobility in older animals with a low glycemic index lowering the inflammation in your pet’s body
– Mimics the natural diet (raw): muscle meat, bones and organ meat + shredded veggies (minimal veggies for cats!)
– Most importantly, you know what your pet is eating!
So to help answer your questions and get you started feeding a raw diet they have created their own pop up Raw Bar Buffet at Four Muddy Paws!
Thinking you need to feed a raw diet every day to see the benefits? Any additional raw you can get into your pet’s diet will be beneficial. So think of it in terms of adding a raw day or two each week. You’ll still see some benefits and it’s a little less daunting perhaps than going all raw right away. It’s your choice and they have got options for everyone to get started!
They will have samples available for you to try in the shop with your dog (or very adventurous cat!) and they will have samples and lots of literature you can take home to learn more about the how’s and why’s of getting started. Plus they will be there to answer all of your questions.
They will have many of their raw food brands participating, including frozen, freeze dried, dehydrated and raw supplements like raw goat’s milk.
Plus to help you get started, they are offering some pretty great savings on all of their participating brands.
Now’s the time to get started!
Primal Pet Foods – Save 20% on everything Primal!
Northwest Naturals – Save 20% on everything Northwest Naturals!
Steve’s Real Food – Save 20% on all Freeze Dried Formulas!
OC Raw – Save 20% on everything OC Raw Dog!
Bravo Pet Foods – Save 15% on everything Bravo Pet Foods
Mary’s Pet Food – Save 35% on everything Merry’s Raw Pet Food
Rad Cat – Save 10% on all Rad Cat sizes and formulas
So bring your questions and bring your dog for a fun afternoon learning about a raw diet and giving your pet’s nutrition a significant boost.
If you’ve got any questions on feeding raw, please visit them in-store or check out their extensive website. They’ve included a lot of information there to help you out. http://fourmuddypaws.com/nutrition/raw-food
Questions: (618) 692 - 4PAW (4729)
For all the details visit the event page.