31st Annual WinterFest Weight Pulls

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Event Sponsor: 
Gateway Sled Dog Club
Sat Jan, 27 2018 8:00 AM to Sun Jan, 28 2018 4:00 PM
AKC Museum of the Dog
1721 S. Mason Rd.
63131 St. Louis , MO

8:00am to 4:00pm. The Winterfest will be on January 27 & 28. This is an IWPA (International Weight Pull Association) sanctioned pull - so there are strict rules that must be followed. Dogs need to have proof of rabies shots and get weighed in on site. Dogs must be in crates in a holding area or on a leash if being exercised outdoors. There can be no food in the holding area for people or for the dogs once the weight pull starts.

The cost for registration is $15 per dog plus a $5 provisional membership fee for the IWPA - unless they are already members of IWPA. No money can be refunded if the dog does not successfully pull.
Gateway Sled Dog Club is discussing the possibility of having a novice pull after the regular competition. IF they decided to do it, it would be Saturday only. We would charge $5.00 per dog. (A novice dog would not pull in the regular pull - so the charge would not be in addition to the $20.) With a novice pull, the new people could see if their dog was willing to try it and if they were successful they could potentially enter the regular pull on Sunday. http://gatewaysleddogclub.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/gatewaysleddogclub

On Saturday, registration and weigh-in starts at 8:30AM. The pull starts at 10AM. On Saturday, they will have a pot luck brunch that is free to any attendees. (Food provided by the membership.) No food or treats allowed in the holding area.

On Sunday, registration & any weigh ins will be at 9am. The pull starts at 10AM. No dogs will be weighed in unless they are new that day. On Sunday, there is no pot-luck. Everyone is responsible for any refreshment they want during the day. Again, there is no food or treats allowed in the holding area. There will not be a novice pull on Sunday.

Everyone is invited. Check out the gateway sled dog club on their Facebook page. All are welcome to just come and watch if they want to see the event.

For all the details visit the event page.