This Doggie Directory is a list of dog related Organizations, Businesses, Clubs, Rescues, etc, from all around the Saint Louis, Missouri metropolitan area and suburbs. Club members can add new Records to the directory. -- (disclaimer) Saint Louis All Dogs provides this doggie directory as a community service for STL area dog owners; we are not affiliated with any organization, business, club, rescue nor do we offer endorsement of products, services or view points listed.

Establishments that provide boarding or daycare, feeding and general care for dogs.

Businesses that sell fashionable items designed for dogs. Accessories, clothes, equipment, treats, toys.

A person involved in the breeding of dogs. Regarding a specific litter, the breeder is the owner of the dam, at the time she is bred. --Read more.

Club: a group of people who have a common interest in a particular activity, breed or subject. Organization: a social unit of people, structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals on a continuing basis.

A facility set aside for dogs to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment under the supervision of their owners. --Read more.

A variety of dog items. Examples: carriers, collars, clothing, cones, pools, lift harnesses, strollers, toys, etc.

Any activities requiring physical effort, carried out especially to sustain or improve health and fitness.

Makers and/or suppliers of food products. Any nutritious substance that animals eat or drink.

Hygienic care and cleaning of a dog; as well as appearance enhancement for showing or competition.

Various 'places' where you can walk your dog. Parks, Trails, Conservation areas, etc.

Individual or business in charge of pets while the pet owners are away from home. Pet sitting services vary.

Local artists, photographic studios, photographers who use dogs in their work. Portraits, drawings, paintings, etc.

Doggie Play rooms for rent, (indoor, outdoor or mixture of both, depends on facility layout). And, some Meeting rooms for humans only. See record notes for details. Rental prices vary or are per arrangement.

Groups or organizations dedicated to pet adoption. They take unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets and attempt to find suitable new homes for them. Reputable rescue defined, --additional reading

These accommodating businesses allow pooches to politely sit outside with their owners, (on leash). Always call ahead and verify a restaurants current pets-while-dining policy.

Uncommon or unique services rendered or offered. Things that do not easily fit into the other categories.

A retail establishment selling a variety of pet (dog) merchandise to the public.

Resources that help owners work with their dogs. Businesses, individuals, books, websites, video, audio.

Verterinarians, Clinics, Hospitals, Medical Services, Specialists. -- Veterinarians (either individuals or groups) trained in medical, surgical, public health, dental, diagnostic or therapeutic principles applied to companion and domesticated animals, livestock, working animals or wildlife. Clinics, a facility, office, place or hospital where outpatients are given medical treatment or advice. Hospitals have all the facilities available including surgery, radiology, clinical pathology, dispensary and ward accommodation and provision for 24 hour surveillance of patients. Medical Services, businesses or groups that offer specialized medical pet services, information, or tools.