Associate account

Associate account holder website access includes being able to view some, but not all, clubhouse content. Associates can suggest dog related activities for Active member participation. They can add Notices to the public notices river and a Record to the Directory, as needed. Associates can add comments or replies to various conversations. Associate can not sign-up for, nor bring dogs to STLAD events. Associates can choose to upgrade to Active membership at any time. -- Formerly active members who have not paid their annual dues, are downgraded to associate account holder.

Dog Related Entities are invited to register as an Associate account holder. Dog related entities are, any who, function separately from the Saint Louis All Dogs club. Entity types include a dog: association, breeder, boarding, boutique, business owner or manager, clinic, club, dog park, foundation, groomer, meetup group, hospital, medical facility, organization, pet sitter, photographer, registery, rescue, restaurant, society, store, trainer, venue, veterinarian, etc.

Entities can promote dog-related information (activities, events, programs, services, products), on the Saint Louis All Dogs website, and the public Facebook page too. Or they might offer special programs and arrangements to the Active members. And with Board of Trustees approval, set up display advertising on a designated page.

Saint Louis All Dogs reserves the right to accept, decline or revoke membership at any time; and to restrict or remove content on the website. We invite dog-related entities to tell us what they have available; but they should not demand or expect an endorsement, and are prohibited from sending emailed advertisments to members. Abusive comments or replies are not acceptable. Associate and Active Members are asked to refrain from engaging in internal self promotion to the point of annoyance. All efforts to spam Stlalldogs with advertising will be met with a strong bite to the hand and possible expulsion from the group.