Vaccinations: document examples

What we look for on submitted vaccination records...
These are the items we need to see on the documents
Either machine printed or hand printed. Our preference is machine printed which is easier to read.
-- Veterinarian name and address
-- Office visit date
-- Owner's name (first and last)
-- Dog's name
-- Dog's birthdate
Date given and/or date due for:
-- Bordetella
-- Distemper
-- Rabies
EXAMPLES of GOOD, Easy to Read scanned documents
-- Good scan. Easy to read, contains all the necessary information.
-- Good scan. Easy to read, but missing owners name.

EXAMPLES of DIFFICULT, Hard to Read scanned documents
-- Blurry scan. Perhaps copied from poor quality original or faxed page.
-- Booklet. Small print and cramped line items with hand written information.
-- Certificate (filled out by hand, small print items and cramped spacing)
-- Upside down. Decent scan, but orientation needs to be righted. 
-- Teeny tiny scan. Tiny file size, not enough pixels to make a readable image.